Range of products

Range of products

Lácteos y frescos

Yoghurts and bifidus

Natural With fruits Greek style Yoghurt drinks
Probiotics Bifidus With toppings For kids with surprise

Dairy products

Italian desserts Petit suisse Fromage Frais Spreadable cheeses  Mozzarella
Cottage CheeseDutch style cheese Sliced and grated cheeses Butter
Bollería y snacks

Bakery and snacks

French top quality bakery Crêpes Ethnic breads Cereal cakes

Fresh convenience

Dough Pasta Pasta sauces Soups Dip sauces


Sausages Premium German pork sausages (Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Fleischwurst) Classic poultry sausages Charcuterie Sliced charcuterie


Surimi Sticks, mini-sticks, filled sticks, grated and surimi chunks Other surimi specialities Lobster tail imitations, filled dices, medallions filled with salmon, surimi salad with king prawns, surimi with fish tartare, etc.
Free From

Free From

Gluten free Organic products Lactose free Grain drinks