Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporative Responsibility Policy

PLN is a leading company in the development of innovative products and a benchmark company on the European food market.

PLN's Corporate Responsibility Policy is the frame of reference for every of our activities, and aims to establish our main and essential commitments in the following areas:

Ethical and responsible management. PLN's activities and decisions are based on the best management practices and good governance, ethics and transparency.

Customer focus. PLN’s activities are committed to excellence in compliance with our responsibilities and meeting client’s expectations.

Sustainability. PLN’s activities are oriented to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our staff, clients and suppliers, generating added value and profitability.

Environmental responsibility. PLN’s activities are oriented to innovation, optimizing our resources consumption, minimizing our environmental footprint and making a responsible waste management.

Food quality and safety focus. PLN understands its Product Quality and Safety Management System as an essential and strategic tool in every aspect: firm commitment to continuous improvement, quality, legality, safety and traceability of products.

PLN believes that the effective implementation of these fundamentals and commitments requires the greatest involvement of top management, employees, suppliers and customers.