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High quality within everyone's reach

High-quality dairy products within everyone’s reach : the basic principle of our brand.  Margui® is backed up by the highest quality standards, guaranteed thanks to its exclusive production in our certified plants.  

Our main goal is for Margui® to become an important element in your daily shopping basket, offering an excellent price/quality ratio.

We focus our efforts on the development of dairy products made by the best European manufacturers in their category, allowing us to handle consumer needs without compromising your wallet.  

Margui® range:

  • Yoghurts
    • Greeks
    • Skyr - Icelandic style
    • Organic
  • Bifidus
    • Quinoa-oat
    • Quinoa-spelt
  • Kefir
    • Natural to drink
    • Natural spoonable
  • Cheese
    • Cottage cheese 0% and 20%
    • Whipped cheese
    • Mozzarella
    • Thin slices
    • Grated
  • Ice Coffee
    • Latte Macchiato
    • Cappuccino